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September 3, 2011

This is a new page I will be adding to soon as I gather clearance from current and former Marji's House families to publish their kind words. Look for added comments soon!


Letters from parents:

A note of thanks and praise for your supportive role in Nick's transition to life in Seattle. We've seen a marked improvement in his overall behavior during these last six months, no doubt influenced by time spent at Marji's House. You and your staff operate as a well organized team displaying enthusiasm and compassion to provide a positive learning environment. Key attributes of your program that Nick has benefited from are; re-enforcing parameters and respect for peers, rewarding good actions, encouraging individuality and most of all just by letting kids be kids. 

Katherine Fischer

When I first walked in to Marji's House, I was really impressed by how well all the children behaved, regardless of age or temperament.  They were so happy to be there, too. I knew that I wanted my daughter (then around 18 months) to join this uber happy environment.  My daughter is by nature a shy creature.  After being at Marji's House for a few months, she was engaging other children at the playground at Hiawatha.  She was practicing new words and speaking her mind more often in words that Dad and I could understand.  She was always so happy when we arrived at Marji's driveway.  Although she looked forward to my kiss goodbye in the morning, she didn't seem to miss me at all and was just happy that she was sitting at the breakfast table like a big girl when I was waving goodbye.  At Marji's House, she learned about how delicious berries taste straight off the bush, what an underdog was, taking turns with toys and swings, dancing to Frank Sinatra, and how fun it was to get dirty.  I also learned how important a schedule was to Shane, how outdoor playtime everyday is mandatory (no matter what my indoor chore list looked like at the beginning of the day), that my daughter loved arts and crafts, and needs friends of her age and older.  When I had my second daughter, I was in full swing as a full time business owner.  We decided to hire full time at-home care for our infant and had to, because of expenses, bring Shane home as well from Marji's House.  Although we love our nanny, we miss Marji's House. Shane blossomed there and a part of me feels like she is missing out by not being there.  I would and do recommend Marji's House to all West Seattle parents who are looking for child care close to home. I promise you that your daughter or son will be really happy there.

Blair Carter

I’d recommend Marji’s to everyone!  Our daughter is now 4 ½, and she has been happy at Marji’s since she was 1 ½.  The quality of care is unbeatable, and our decision to keep her there until it is time for her to attend kindergarten only became more firm over time.

Our daughter loves to sing.  Ever since she was two, she had a huge repertoire from Marji’s House.  She’s learned anything from Five Little Ducks to I’ve Been Working on the Railroad.  The children are exposed to all sorts of music at lunch, and she’s learned partial lyrics of American Pie.  (At Marji’s stickers, as well as the privilege to choose the songs they listen to at lunch, are used as rewards for listening, helping and demonstrating other desirable behaviors.)  One afternoon there was Buddhist chanting playing at pick-up time.  The exposure at Marji’s is incredible.

With languages the teachers teach in a fun and methodical way.  By her fourth birthday my daughter had learned the sounds of the letters without additional enforcement at home.  Now that she’s four years old, she recognizes most of the lower case.  At Marji’s the children are exposed to Spanish and several other languages as well as sign language.  Once I read a Hawaiian counting book to her, and she corrected my pronunciation.  We learned that she knew one through ten in Turkish as well.  It has been fun for her to show us colors, fruits and even animals in sign language.

One of the winning points from our perspective as parents is how at Marji’s my child has learned to share, care about others and help; these traits I see in her daily behaviors.  The kids also play well together and pick up after themselves.

We really appreciate Marji’s taking time and attention to shop and cook organic and no sugar.  For birthdays she makes cakes with bananas (no sugar added); we’d love to be there for one of them yet!

The kids play outside when it is not wet.  They paint, chalk, play on the tire swing, play in the sandbox, dig for worms, play with water, blow bubbles, picnic, pick blackberries and hike at Camp Long. 

These are just a few of the things off the top of our heads that that we love so much about Marji’s.

John & Frances

September 2011

Two of our three boys (thus far) have spent time with the Marji's house crew.  Marji has always been very flexible, responsive to our needs and upbeat about our kids.  She has a calm and gentle way with children that supports them in becoming responsible, compassionate little people.  I recommend Marji's House to someone at least once a week.

Laurie Levy
September 2011

Marji's house has been a great place for all three of our kids. For the last five years they loved the nurturing, friendly and positive environment that the teachers provide. They have also learned a lot with Marji. We just had our youngest graduate from Marji's house where he's been going part time since he was 9 months old. thanks Marji for all you have done!

Kamila and Patrick Kennedy

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