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We supply breakfast starting at 8:15 until 9:00 AM, Lunch at 11:00 and afternoon snack after nap-time at around 3:30 to 4:15.


Marji’s House is enrolled with the USDA Child Care Food Program, so we are required to supply a minimum of certain nutritional components at certain meals (I usually exceed the requirements):


Breakfast: Grain, fruit or vegetable or fruit juice, and milk


Lunch: Protein, two of a fruit or vegetable, grain and milk

Snacks: One must include two food groups. We serve three snacks. One tiny one at the beginning of schooltime, and one tiny one at 5:00. The big snack is in the afternoon after naptime.

P.S When I figured out that preschoolers need to eat every 1.5 hours, it solved me a lot of melt down and tantrums!!!

 We serve only whole grains (with the occasional exception), no sugar, additives, trans fats, hydrogenated fats, high fructose corn syrup, no junk food.


We serve organic, local food as much as possible! I frequent the West Seattle Farmers Market and PCC Food Co-op.


We do not serve peanut butter. We serve almond butter or soy nut butter. If your child has an allergy to milk you must provide a note from the doctor to indicate this. (The food program requires this.) I will gladly serve substitutes to those with special dietary needs.


An example of a day of meals looks like this:

Breakfast: Organic low sugar cereal, such as Flax plus, Corn puffs, Shredded Spoonfulls, or Go Lean, organic milk, organic fruit slices, filtered water.


L-Organic whole wheat spaghetti with Pasta sauce. flax seed and feta cheese, organic apple slices,organic carrots organic 1% milk, water


S-Whole grain Rye crackers with almond butter, banana slices, water


Late snack: Whole grain sesame rye crackers, water


We do not normally serve juice, as it is mostly empty calories. We serve filtered water.


If you would like bring food from home, I would like it to be of the natural, no sugar, whole grain variety, so that when your child tries to share it will not create the dramatic effect of Marji or staff having to say, “No sharing!” Also, for special occasions, like Halloween and such, please don’t bring treats that your child picked out from the store for his friends that are loaded with all of the things that I don’t serve. I hate having to say no to your child’s kind gestures! Another thing: when your child comes in the morning please don’t send her with a messy snack. They often have to jump up and wave at the window and it will make you late for work if I have to have them wash their hands first in order to avoid getting banana mush all over the waving couch! Best thing: Don’t bring stuff from home. Let me serve your child all of the good stuff that I paid good money for (with your good money!).

P.S We post the menu above the sign-in sheet, so that each day you may see exactly what was served! 


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